History of the Youth Action Network, London, Birmingham

The Volunteers

"We are not the Youth Action Network"

Working directly with young volunteers has always been important to YAN and they have been integral to their successes. Young volunteers have worked with YAN over the years on various successful projects.

The young volunteers were known as YANsters - they were brilliant reporters, trainers and general champions of youth-led volunteering. YANsters have been recruited through member organisations across England; they have experience of local youth action and bring that experience to share with others. Volunteering with Youth Action Network gave young people a great progression opportunity with a national organisation.


History of the Youth Action Network

Youth Action Network’s vision is for all young people was to have the opportunity to participate in youth action volunteering and develop their own solutions to community needs.

They promoted the youth action approach as a way of making volunteering for young people a more fulfilling, rewarding and beneficial experience. This approach is summed up in the nine principles of youth action which were at the heart of everything they did.

They had member organisations across the whole of England, who were committed to young people’s participation in voluntary activities with a social benefit. The network was continually growing as more organisations who are seeking to involve young people in their volunteering want to share with others, learn from what’s worked well and offer their own good practice to help others.

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